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The missing Devtool for Three.js

Inspect and tweak any Three.js website.

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Imagine the power
of a professional design interface
for all your Three.js projects.

No more guesswork. Inspect
scenes, materials and textures.
Tweak in real time. Feels like a design tool made for Three.js
Copy the result. Bring the
changes to code.
Works everywhere. Inspect any
site with the Chrome extension.


Setup scenes like a pro, in a fraction of the time.

Orbit cameras. Add orbit controls to any camera.
Smart uniform inputs. No more shader UI code again.
Postprocessing interface. For the perfect grading and fx.
Material Library. Beautiful materials in just one click.

Get the basics for free
at the end of 2024 or get Plus
and gain access to the beta
in July.

  • Inspect scenes, materials and textures.
  • Tweak object transforms and materials.
  • Copy results in several formats.
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  • Includes all from basic.
  • Automatic uniform inputs.
  • Automatic orbit controls for cameras.
  • Professional postprocessing interface.
  • Professional materials library.
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Frequent Questions

Find out about all the details.

What do I get for my payment?
You'll get access to the beta version of ThreeTools in July 2024 and you'll get one year of ThreeTools+ starting when all features are launched.
What can I expect from the beta?
Our beta launch in July 2024 will have most features of the basic ThreeTools version. This includes the project panel (with scenegraph, materials, and textures) and the object panel (custom UI for Three.js objects and materials).

Since it's a beta release, there might be some bugs. We'll work on fixing them quickly.

In the months after the launch, we'll introduce the promised ThreeTools+ features.
What is ThreeTools+?
ThreeTools Basic, free from later this year, will have essential features. For more, ThreeTools+ is a paid option with time-saving extras. Here are some planned features of ThreeTools+:

(1) Orbit Cameras: Easily add orbit controls to any camera, no coding required.

(2) Smart Uniforms: ThreeTools will create a user interface for your custom materials (like ShaderMaterial).

(3) Postprocessing UI: We'll offer a bespoke postprocessing pipeline with a custom user interface.

(4) Materials Library: Choose from a collection of beautiful materials with just a click.
Why a paid beta?
Developing high-quality software takes time. By raising funds, I can allocate sufficient time to this project and get some help. Without this funds I could not make this project happen.
What happens after I pay?
After paying, you'll get an email. In a few weeks (around July 2024), you'll get steps on how to add the ThreeTools beta as a Chrome extension.

We'll be working on the ThreeTools+ features in the next months. We will release for testing to people with beta access as soon as they're ready.
Is there any system requirements? How does ThreeTools work?
ThreeTools is a Google Chrome extension. You will need Google Chrome to use the software.
Any risks? Will you be able to make this happen?
I began creating ThreeTools about 1.5 years ago and have used it for commercial and personal projects since then. I have also tested it in websites made from others (since the extension works in any public website using Three.js).

Therefore, the chance of not delivering ThreeTools is very low. We just need some time and funding to complete some features, fix bugs, and enhance performance.
Is there a "money back" guarantee?
Yes, you can. If you're not satisfied with the software, you can ask for a refund within 30 days from the first private beta release.

But remember, if you get a refund, you won't be able to use the beta or have 1-year access to ThreeTools+.
I am a company. Can we partner, sponsor or get a deal?
Sure! You can contact me at
How can I get in touch with you?
Absolutely! If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to say hello, you can email me at

By the creator of some fun Three.js projects
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Open until Friday

By supporting the beta, you will gain access to the Chrome extension in July 2024.
You will also get 1 year of ThreeTools+ and exclusive access to features while they are developed. Read frequent questions here.